Thursday, January 22, 2015

Se Gere Twegen Þúsend ond Fiften

(photo by me, @badonhill on instagram)
So this is the year two-thousand and fifteen.

Or, se gere twegen þúsend ond fiften, as the Anglo-Saxons might have said it.

I don't personally believe in new years resolutions, per se, but I do think that a calendar year can be a useful tool for setting goals for growth and change. 2014 was a year of many big changes for me: I graduated from college, and I married a wonderful man in August (more about that in a later post). As soon as classes ended in May, my life was consumed with wedding planning, and though that kind of craziness changed into a different kind after the wedding (in a good way), things have settled down just enough that I can spend a little bit of time on blogging again. (Yay!)

So what are my goals for 2015? Good question. I want this to be the year in which I take Badon Hill (my creative business) from the level to the I-own-a-small-business level. This is huge. Reaching my goals will require many, many changes, and has already been very challenging, and I have a long way yet to go. This also means that there are some changes in store for this blog; I haven't completely fleshed those out yet, but I know you can expect more tutorials and more about my handmade ventures, as well as the usual historical-fun.

So here is a peek at some of my goals for 2015:

 Develop and stick with a consistent blogging schedule.
 Transition Badon Hill primarily to an independent website.
 Have an area of my home set up as my dedicated studio space.
 Pitch and complete at least 6 wholesale orders.
 Always be reading a new book.

There are a few other goals, but those are the big ones. Follow along with me through the year, as I post updates on how I'm doing with these goals (among lots of other new content)! What goals do you have for 2015?

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  1. Welcome back and congratulations!
    All the best for 2015.