Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweden is Settled... Mostly

 There is no turning back now.
I've bought my plane ticket (Home to Dublin, Edinburgh to Stockholm, and Stockholm to Home), finalizing the dates of my trip and when I will be in which countries: I will leave for Ireland on June 14, and fly home from Sweden on August 12. That's going to be a crazy two months. :)

While the iteneraries for The Republic of Ireland and the UK are basically set, I've made no reservations yet for those weeks of the trip. I have, however, settled the details for the days I am in Sweden before and after the field school's five weeks in July and early August. I've made my hostel, ferry, and hotel reservations for all but one night: the night just after the field school ends. There's a big Medieval fair in Visby the week that the school ends, and it is very popular among Swedes and other Europeans, so even with making my reservations a few weeks ago, all of the beds that cost less than $130 a night and were within walking distance of Visby were booked. So I decided not to make a reservation for that night and just see what happens. Maybe I'll meet someone who will let me crash on their couch, or their hotel room floor, or maybe the school will let me stay an extra night. The worst that could happen would be me hanging out in a pub for the wee hours of the night. But I'm honestly not worried. I know God will take care of me no matter what.

And besides, as someone once said, "it isn't an adventure until something goes wrong." :)


  1. Please take me with you. This sounds like an Amazing adventure waiting to happen!

  2. No worries... Pub hopping is definitely an option if you cannot find anywhere to stay. I have known people that have done it all girls as well. It is common in Europe to travel with few plans. Definetly look at couch surfer I know people who have hosted people at their flats. Always an interesting experience. I am going to Dublin this week for Semana Santa as well as Prague, Rome, and Florence. I am glad everything is coming along!!!!